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Thank you, Tracy. Hello everyone. I will share with you some results of our latest polls and trapper powered RD criteria. Next slide. First, let’s talk about those requirements that people express need to be in place for them to feel safe, to travel overseas. As you can see in the footnote, this is about older 11 markets 0.8 for Canada and Mexico, it’s international travel. And I’m mostly going to talk to you about those requirements that they see as deterrents among the general population across the 11 markets that we are tracking. The top three requirements are low number of COVID cases in the destination, Erik passengers, meeting health general health requirements and screening like wearing masks and the temperature checks as well as being vaccinated. This varies slightly among potential travelers. Those are the ones that I’m calling that are saying that they’re planning on taking a trip in the next 12 months for them the most important factor is the air passenger requirements followed by COVID vaccine and social distancing. This is consistent across all those in other markets on the other side the most significant return that both the general population and those potential travels take pointing out our quarantine requirements either for 14 days, which is unusual for you and for shorter periods of time with a negative test results as well as, so maybe to MP for the COVID tests before the train, over training flights, this has remained consistent. Since we started asking about it back in September,

पुढील स्लाइड

Today, we’re going to have a different approach than what you might have seen. In our past research orbiters, as Tracy mentioned this time, we’re going to be talking only about the markets. So we expect to rebound faster in terms of travel to the U S and for this reason we are including them as part of our phase, one of our recovery strategy. Those are Canada and Mexico, mainly on the assumption of proximity being our neighbors and their family already with our market, as well as UK and Germany, based on the assumption of familiarity. However, it is important to point out that this could change. We keep monitoring all our 11 markets based on the gating criteria that I will talk about shortly. But yeah,


Let’s start with the UK based on the latest monthly polls. We’re seeing, they’re planning on taking an international trip again, as I mentioned there’s reverse stream international trips, not necessarily to the U S and again, there we’re, we’re seeing for them is late summer or the full finding, and then paint me a little bit up again at the end of Q1 of next year are regarding their personal considerations when selecting a destination in terms of any international and designation again, across the board is resting and relaxing. You found the UK is not unique in this. And this is very similar to what we had seen before that, the mimic, however as Tracy pointed out earlier, engaging the kids in activities as specialized for them keeps popping up way more than we had seen and even compared to 2019 levels for that reason, we’re expecting to see this to play an important role a struggle picks up next time.

I’ll let me, this is our snapshot of our gating criteria which some of you might be familiar already. And you might have seen it already, but if not you’ve been finding on our corporate website, this has been set up on five factors. One of them it’s the U S government entry policy that for here for the UK, you see, as in-district restriction for now, then the number of COVID daily cases our target here is to three months of daily average new cases below the 500 or three consecutive month of less than 50% month over month growth using Sabre data, the graph in the bottom we’re looking at schedule seat capacity of inbound flights to the us. Here are the target for our getting criteria is three consecutive months of growth over 15% month over month on the Google trends what we’re using is an index of flight as a search topic, meaning everything that is aggregating under flights.

The target here as well as three consecutive months of growth of at least 15% on a month by month basis. And finally the chart on the right at the bottom is our intent to their intent to take any international leisure trip. The next 12 months. This is based on our monthly goals. In each market, we survey a thousand people of the general population and the target of this factor is three consecutive months of over 10% month over month growth. When you see here for the UK recoveries we’re seeing improvements but certainly not meeting the targets. The targets that we have set internally at brand new say, are designed to help us determine when recovery is sufficient in this market for us to assume our marketing or activities. Next, now, let me talk to you about Germany.

This market showing something international travel travel planning, peaks same as the UK, late summer or early fall. However more so than the Germany’s than the UK, this might mean regional, international travel more than long haul necessarily, which means that they’re going to be staying most likely during the summer time within your when it’s up loud for them regarding the personal consideration, just like the UK, the number one considerations resting and relaxing different to the British Germans are following more connecting with nature most likely or really is just using the outdoors as part of a safety measure as well. Next line based on are getting criteria. COVID cases are still on the red side. The us, every policy is still on the stricken restrictions what we’re seeing less fluctuation on the air capacity which is meaning what the airlines are offering.

Just like the UK we’re not meeting yet those targets. But I think we’re seeing some grain on the charts that every time we see them makes us look on the bus excite next line. Now Mexico, the Mexican is intensive travel is skewing more towards the end of this year with the smaller peaks during the summer. Again, this is international travel, which maybe would probably mean travel to the U S but not necessarily, or exclusive to us. Same as the European markets. The main reason for them selecting a destination it’s being able to relax mixed. Yes. our U S policy is I’m on a moderate restriction. COVID daily average, monthly, a rural month over month growth. It’s early, as early as this week is on the green side. For us it’s an impulsive site.

The Google search flight is still in the red side of the gap between the target bar and the actual is narrowing down. Yeah. Same as the capacity. However, this needs to be cleared out it’s airline offering, and it’s not necessarily saying that it’s all Mexican travel to the us. Whereas engineering intent is still fluctuating a bit. Next slide. Totally. Let me talk about Canada as the four markets that we’re focusing on, primarily as credit the recovery in terms of where they’re planning different than the other four markets, they’re really pushing it towards the end of Q1 of next year. Again, no surprise here due to government restrictions, and there was a log down measures that are currently on effect. This again might change in the next pulse that we have. So yeah, the three markets wrestling is the number one reason for taking for selecting an international desperate, next line looking at, yeah, the gating criteria, same as Mexico, the travel restrictions or moderate. This are extended until May 21st. The number of COVID cases on a day by day basis has gone up based on our target criteria, all the other as well. And all the other factors are store red. We’re expecting this to start improving as the pace of the vaccine roll-outs and Canada speed up next line, the information

Covered for this format markets will also be available for the other seven markets that we track and they will be available in the full deck that would be later. They’re all on the corporate website and to ruck up

Based on what I covered. I want to take you with three left leaving with three key takeaways. There was a not penny demand, demand, international traveling planning. Most likely is going to start taking place late summer, early fall of this year. It might be to us, but at least it’s going to be international. Based on the assumption of proximity and Kevin, we already, we are expecting the the travel to the us to be first, come back from Canada, Mexico, UK, and Germany. And for this reason they were including those markets as part of our phase one recovery plan. However, again, we, this would change as things keep evolving and after seeing in Cecily for separate for several months now we’re expecting traveling with kids to play a big role struggle, big stuff. As we keep seeing that engaging the kids in the activities for them keeps being over into sync compared to what we had seen in 2019. And with this, I want to handle that aftercare to talk about


Thank you, Rosina. Th that’s always interesting information and that helps guide us how we work with the partners in the us and helping them with recovery, but also help extend whatever dollars they may have in marketing internationally in the coming years. So there’s three areas of focus that we’re going to talk about, and we’re going to talk with programs that are underway right now, which we are continuing to educate the travel trade. And throughout the year, we have been evolving how we do this because the times are changing and we’ve continued some of the programs that we always have been successful with such as the USA discovery program. Earlier this year, we launched the global marketplace with great success, which has been a new way for us to work with the travel trade and based on requests from our partners. We’ll talk about the new video trainings that we are going to be rolling out very shortly.

We align all of our marketing with what we’re doing with the consumer team. So the next phase is really the inspiring people, telling people we are ready, creating content, too. That instills competence in the travelers. As they’re considering to travel, we have a few new programs and we will continue to push out the programs we’ve always used for inspiration, such as our 2020 global inspiration program, updating our website and pushing out media support behind that. Then Mo what’s most key where we’ve made a number of significant changes for 2021 and 22 is really a stronger focus on activation. We want to create demand through relevant content and relevant stories that will lead to bookings across multiple platforms and multiple countries, as soon as the time is ready.

Next slide. So as we look at the travel,

We’ll trade in how we’ve extended our programs. We know that it is imperative, that we breach all of our travel trade multiple times with different knowledge that is needed when it’s needed and the way our travel trade is consuming their media and their learning has also changed throughout the year. The trade needs to be ready with reliable content that helps them to build the consumer confidence that the USA has ready. And then they also have seen, as we saw in our research today, there’s strong interest in traveling beyond the gateways and then supporting local business. So we want to make the information available to our tour operators and travel agents to help sell new product. And as you all know, because we’re living it every day, there are a multitude of virtual platforms and those platforms require new content and new tools. And at the request of our partners, we have developed some tools that I’m going to share with you on the next slide.

The number one new tool right now is our destination one Oh one customized training videos that have the partners who work with us in the us can continue to utilize content that we have already developed and help us create some great training videos that we can use on a variety of platforms, including our USA discovery platform and the global marketplace. Most of our us partners do work with us on the USA discovery channel. And this year more than ever in history is so important. We have and completed 93,000 badges and have had more than 70,000 travel agents participate in this program. So adding new content, refreshing your content, adding these training videos will be a great service. And then we have the global marketplace and, and we continue to update that with new content. That’s the Israel event for the tour operators and for the consumer. Right now we’re in the process of bringing our partners back in for phase two of the global marketplace. And we will see a series of events and activities throughout the next year. We’re hosting a webinar for participating partners tomorrow with more details. But I also want to mention is you have our brand USA team. You also have our team at miles all available to go into more details on this program. Hopefully we’ve talked to many of you already. Okay.

Next slide, please. Then

Patient readiness align with our consumer strategy. We have looked at where we need to continue to develop programs and those include influencers, video, social cuts using the content we already have created over the last few years, and then distributing that to let people know about the wide open spaces and the safety. And then we will be creating a new type of inspiration program. It’s a digital first approach will have measurable results. It will launch next February after we’re done with distribution, the last global inspiration program. And we go on to the next slide. And the reason for this is the consumers need us to help remind them that the destinations are ready to safely welcome visitors. And these are very affordable tools that we have developed to get that message out there. As we see in our research, both influencers and online video are top source of a trusted content, which is why we’re creating cooperative plan to work with all of our partners on influencers. Also with pent up demand. We need to be out there for you to awareness for us destinations as premier choices for people to consider and book their travel. And the content that we’ve created to engage with our partners on is a way to do that in bulk and make it very affordable. We know our partners resources are limited for producing new content. So we have found ways to repurpose a lot of the content we have created to return to international markets so we can influence the decisions properly,

Which I mean is right next line, when it comes to

Activation, which the majority of the partners who work with us in the U S and our travel trade in throughout the world want is going to be the key focus on everything we do. We have to do that by both inspiring people to consider the us, and then follow up with an activation campaign in our board meeting next week, you’ll have more details of where we are going from a consumer standpoint on our activation campaign, but as I’m both Brazina and Tracy shared, many markets are demonstrating great optimism for international travel, and we need to make sure that we are using our marketing dollars on the markets that were covered first and generate bookings quickly. We know that the consumers feel happy and hopeful when they get to plan their trips. So telling the stories and make it part, making it easily possible to book your travel is critically important into the strategy that we have put forth with our partner programmings.

And then of course, stimulating interest. And what’s always important and more important than ever is we need to fit. We have to determine low cost, high value opportunities that we can provide with measurable results for each of the partners that we include in our campaigns, the next slide. And so doing that, we’ve launched a series of new programs in addition to our multichannel, which is our most popular and successful booking program we’ve had out there. We are adding several other activation programs for 2021 and 2022. We have been creating airline partnerships. We have a program with air Canada. We’ve created tour operator co-ops with the list, that’s it listed BA holidays, Trailfinders canoes of price travel. We have four more in the works right now, and what’s unique about these cooperative programs for us. And the partners that we engage with is that a hundred percent of the dollars that we put into this program are really for marketing externally.

And we have a commitment from all of these tour operators that they will give us the measurable results and KPIs. We identify inclusive, including booking information, which for many of our partners, when they work on a one-to-one basis are challenged at getting that type of information. We continue to work with our affinity partners, which is a great way and a way to get back into market. When the borders open, our three partners listed here have been really supportive of adding additional value and opportunities with us for a quick relaunch and to extend our own dollars as far as we can. And then we also work with media partners within various countries, and we have these opportunities available w about these opportunities available for us to pull, operate and collaborate with our partners and really push out individual messaging around coming to the USA. We also have several programs in the UK. We are actually renegotiating the assets right now, so we can move them more quickly into market. And finally, our consumer recovery program, which will be again talked about a little more detail at our next board meeting. There’ll be opportunities for partners to work with us in ways that we have not done in our consumer programs from content development and also retargeting opportunities in cooperation with the tour operators in OTA is that we will be partnering with on a consumer standpoint.

ठीक आहे.

So in closing, I just want to say that we are ready and to welcome the return of the international visitor. We will continue to monitor the market based on the criteria to be. So my market marketing activities effectively adjust the prioritization of the based on market conditions and consumer intent. And to that point for our partners, we are constantly looking at the dates and keeping you informed of changes of launch dates are presumed launch dates for, for existing campaigns, but we’re getting ready for that. And we understand there’s still a lot of uncertainty, but we will continue to provide you the advice, the opportunities and the insights and the support to make sure we are marketing in the right markets at the right time or the right partners with the right messaging. Go onto the next slide. Mike, before we open this up for questions, I’ll hand that to Tracy.

Thanks so much, Karen, and thanks, Rosina. And thanks to Isabel. What I want to do is, is bring you up to speed on a couple of dates that are upcoming, that you in the listening audience might be interested in on May 19th is our quarterly board meeting. And if you’re interested in hearing a little bit more about what brand new is saying is building from a recovery perspective, we’ll be sharing our campaign strategy some very, very early on creative. And you’ll hear, you’ll hear a little bit more there. So I like to entice you to join on May 25th, we have our multicultural strategy webinars, so you can learn how to participate in this program. And then our next board meeting is on July 20th. And at that point you know, the word world will have spun quite a few times between now and then, and we will be providing you updates on our take on market reopening.

So before that, I’m gonna stop sharing my screen because I can’t see the questions that are coming in before, without looking at the questions. And I know we’ve got quite a few, so let me, let me look and see a couple of the questions have to do again with releasing the website information that Isabelle shared that is going to be available on our our website when we post this this information data on the importance of us destinations, maintaining, or supporting safety and security policies. You know, one of the things that I think is really critically important, and I know that Chris has mentioned over and over again in, in various presentations and interviews is the importance of building confidence and confidence comes in a lot of different forms. It’s knowing what to expect before you leave your home.

It’s, it’s making sure that you’ve got clear and trustworthy information about the safety standards and the policies that are in place for the USA and for your destination. And all of that is going to be built into our, our campaign from a messaging standpoint. And I would encourage you know Jack, I guess you’re asking that question to build that into your own messaging. Also on brand USA, we do have a page on our consumer website that lists links to all of the States and their policies that’s updated by the States, but that is internationally available to to everyone that follows us on, on websites. What is the rationale for focusing on familiarity for countries to return to coverage? So that’s a really good question. I think there are two things that we’ll be focusing on from a messaging standpoint.

Part one is for those markets that are ready to return low hanging fruit as it were our engagement framework, which we’ve shared previously. And again, we’ll share more information on during our board meeting has three elements to it. The first the first comms task, that first phase of what they’re calling rate re-entry recovery is proving where ready, making sure the world knows that the United States is open for international travel and we’re ready for those international travelers. The second phase which focuses on welcoming the world back is a combination of high-level inspiration through activation, and then handing off to our third phase, which is twin entice and convert. So your question anonymous attending is quite apt and we will be working along these three. So it’s not just our familiarity markets. It’s, it’s, it’s also focusing on inspiration across the globe, but for the purposes of today, we wanted you to understand where we were going to be focusing on for the near term, from that three phase re-entry campaign.

Another question on the economic considerations, like cost of travel goods, heading recession, or recession like conditions as well as job losses. You know, I don’t, I don’t know if anyone else wants to jump into this, but I think that the, the, the conversations that I’ve had and some of the survey questions that were Xena fielded over the last month shows that in certain markets, there is a concern that people may not have the same dollars available to them to travel. And that for us brand new a say activates what we call our proximity strategy, which is our value proposition that shows how to enjoy the USA and why this idea of proximity, which gives you more bang for your buck or pay. So you’re out in one trip, then you may get other places, but I do think, you know, I don’t have a, I don’t have a strict answer to that, but I do think it’s another consideration. And I think it’s a good point to have raised. Karen, there is a question here on how to be a partner. Do you wanna, do you wanna, you want to answer that?

Absolutely. If we have not spoken with you, you can reach out to myself, carrot cake, remember get the brand USA doc and, and talk to you about the opportunities that we have with our part that we work with our partners on.

Great. another good question. What does brand new saved you the opportunities in APAC to be what you’ll see if you, if you go and download the whole deck is our reviews on Australia, on Korea, on Japan and China, all very, very important markets for the USA. And as, as, as I’ve mentioned in, in the answers to other questions, these are still critical markets. We will still be focusing on them from an inspiration standpoint. But from the, the research that we’re getting back, the consumer surveys, these are what I’m calling our next markets, not our now markets. Can we still set up for the global marketplace? Karen? You want to answer that?

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