एअरलाइन बातम्या विमानतळाची बातमी एव्हिएशन बातम्या ब्रेकिंग प्रवासी न्यूज व्यवसाय प्रवासी बातम्या कार भाड्याने देण्याची बातमी क्रूझ इंडस्ट्री न्यूज सरकारी कामकाज हॉस्पिटॅलिटी इंडस्ट्री न्यूज हॉटेल आणि रिसॉर्ट्स आंतरराष्ट्रीय पर्यटक बातम्या लक्झरी प्रवास इतर पुनर्बांधणी प्रवास जबाबदार पर्यटन बातम्या पर्यटन बातम्या पर्यटन चर्चा वाहतुकीची बातमी प्रवास बातम्या ट्रॅव्हल सिक्रेट्स ट्रॅव्हल वायर न्यूज यूके बातम्या यूएसए न्यूज

अमेरिकेचे शीर्ष प्रवासी नेते व्हाईट हाऊसला आंतरराष्ट्रीय प्रवास पुन्हा सुरू करण्यासाठी उद्युक्त करतात

आपली भाषा निवडा

The letter also urges the administration to utilize the upcoming G7 summit to seek commitments from other world leaders to develop and implement a global framework for reopening international travel.

“The U.S. must be a global leader in restarting international travel,” the letter says. “Using science and data as our guide, it is possible to reopen our borders and establish these important public health corridors.”

The letter says steep declines in international travel in 2020 resulted in the loss of $150 billion in U.S. export income and 1.1 million domestic jobs, according to figures provided by the U.S. Travel Association. If nothing is done to lift entry restrictions, the U.S. is projected to lose an additional $175 billion by the end of this year.

Though positive signs for domestic leisure travel have been व्यापकपणे अहवाल दिला, international and business-related travel—which together comprised more than a third of direct-travel jobs in the U.S. in 2019—remain almost completely halted, with a recovery for both expected to take years without significant policy action.

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